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Launching of Salam Radio Station's pilot broadcast

Sacramento is home to the Sierra Pacific Synod’s newest Synodically Authorized Worshipping Community (SAWC), an Afghan, Arab and Middle Eastern Ministry. In recent years, Afghan, Arab and Middle Eastern individuals have developed a strong community in the Sacramento area and in collaboration with Mission Developer Charbel Zgheib and Interim Director of Evangelical Mission (DEM) Rev. Dawn Roginski, they are beginning to form a worshipping community.

While the worshipping element of this community is still developing, Charbel Zgheib has launched the first piece of this new SAWC, “Salam Radio Station”.

“Salam Radio Station is the first Arabic Christian online media organization in the United States whose primary goal is proclaiming the Word of God. Salam Radio Station is a replication of successful mechanisms tested around the world aiming at reaching wider populations through radio emissions coupled with a visual platform. The station will consist of several media components, including development and establishment of a website, a mobile application, and social media pages and platforms. Each one of these components offers the community the chance to interact, access information, and practice religious and spiritual activities from any location. Such an approach not only offers an opportunity to expand and engage a greater number of community members, particularly youth groups and people hurt by the Church, but it also contributes to the inclusion of marginalized groups such as refugees, LGBTIQ+, elderly people, people with disabilities, etc. Salam Radio Station will have the main and sole mission to deliver, reach, expand and develop innovatively the Christian and Humanitarian values amongst its audience,” shares Zgheib.

The Salam Radio Station will serve as a piece of the worshipping community, primarily as an outreach opportunity and a way to draw people into this newly developing community. We invite you to follow Salam Radio Station on social media and check out their website to stay up to date!

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