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Job Posting: Pianist


Lutheran Church of the Ascension

7607 Garden Gate Dr.

Citrus Heights, CA95621

Primary Responsibilities:

The Pianist’s primary responsibility is to support the mission of Ascension Lutheran Church (“Loving God, one another, and the community”) by providing piano accompaniment for worship services and other activities as a part of the music ministry of the church. Having a pivotal role in the musical life of the church, this individual is a strong team player, working under the direction of the Lead Pastor and Director of Worship and Media Arts.

Job Description

This year-round position is part time. Expectation of timely attendance for Sunday worship services, rehearsals with the worship band, and other special services, including (but not limited to) Advent midweek services, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent midweek services, Holy Week, and Easter. The pianist is compensated per session.

Job Requirements

  1. A disciple of Jesus Christ, committed to growing in faith

  2. Experience in leading worship

  3. Flexibility to play in a variety of worship services, incorporating both traditional and contemporary music

  4. Ability to sight-read and improvise is desired

  5. Knowledge of basic music theory and ability to perform simple transpositions or reharmonizations

  6. Ability to read and play from chord charts and lead sheets

  7. Willingness to rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music

  8. Sensitivity and the ability to interact with a variety of people

  9. Ability to take direction and work as a team member

  10. Ability to communicate well and in a friendly manner with the church leadership, other musicians, and members of the congregation


The Pianist is accountable to the Director of Worship and Media Arts and Lead Pastor. This individual will need to notify the Director of Worship and Media Arts a minimum of four weeks prior to planned absences (preferably as soon as known) to allow for scheduling of a substitute pianist.


  1. Support the church’s worship ministry through the well-prepared execution of music presented by the worship band

  2. Play for weddings and funerals, as requested and upon availability, being permitted to receive additional compensation from the parties involved

  3. Assist the Director of Worship and Media Arts in finding a substitute for Sundays and other worship services when not available


  • $65 per midweek rehearsal

  • $75 per midweek worship service (Advent, Lent, Epiphany)

  • $125 per worship service (Sunday, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter)

  • $150 per funeral, memorial, or wedding

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Andrea Toven, Director of Worship and Media Arts

Ascension Lutheran Church

7607 Garden Gate Dr.

Citrus Heights, CA 95621


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