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An Announcement from Diana Barrios, Director of Finance & Stewardship

It is with sadness and many well wishes that the Sierra Pacific Synod shares the resignation of Diana Barrios, Director of Finance and Stewardship. We share the following remarks from Diana with you all:

“After almost 10 years of service with the Sierra Pacific Synod (SPS), leaving the synod was a difficult decision to make. I initially came to work with SPS seeking a job with more opportunities to solidify my knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of accounting and finance. What I am leaving with is way more than skills! Back in 2013 my oldest daughter was a new mother, my middle child was 10 years old, and my youngest daughter was only 8 years old. Today my children are 29, 19, and 17, and I have two grandchildren ages 9 and 5 years! I was a divorced single mother raising my children. Today, I’m a married woman with a fantastic spouse. Sierra Pacific Synod has not only been good for me, but my family as a whole. As you can imagine, we were truly shaped by the work environment and faith-centered support. The most difficult part about leaving is that I leave so many true companions I’ve come to know and respectfully work with.

The skills I’ve mastered over the years has made me a very well rounded accountant. Most of all, the pleasure of working with all the bishops and synod council members. Learning about synod administration and proper protocols was not easy for a non-Lutheran, but I am forever grateful for the chance that Bishop Mark took to hire me. Even after I mentioned, during our interview, that I felt Lutherans were like “charismatic Catholics”. What a hoot that interview was, (yes, we all laughed hard about that!).

Best of all, and most memorable, were a few people I got to work extremely close with on my journey here. First, Deacon Lou Smith (God bless his soul). He was such a walking angel on this planet. His calm demeanor, encouragement, and true belief in my abilities helped me soar in confidence and knowledge. Linda Lownes, the first Treasurer I worked with, and who was an educator. She helped me not only navigate the world of synod council, but my outside world of serving on the school board. Pr. Sharon Amundson, a phenomenal teacher, mentor, and guidance counselor in all things accounting and faith. Lastly, the person that has been with me since day one, Debbie Cook. There are simply no words to describe how much I truly appreciate her, the work she does, and the friendship we’ve grown over these years. God truly watched over me by ensuring all of these wonderful people came into my life journey.”

Diana has graciously offered to transition out of her time with us, and she will be working part-time with the Synod during this transition over the next eight weeks. After these eight weeks, we will officially bid Diana farewell.

Diana has been such a gift to this synod. From her deep institutional wisdom, to her joyful laugh and warm presence, she has served as the backbone of this synod for the last ten years through many seasons of transition. Diana brings passion to every community she serves and will be a gift in her new position. We’re grateful she will continue to be local to us all - never a goodbye, simply a see you later, or as Diana would say “hasta luego”. Godspeed, Diana!

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